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You have a couple of choices: A standard site which serves a purpose as an informational site, or a portfolio site. Other options might be an online store or e-commerce site.
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Websites these days are heavy on visual impact and having top notch photography is the best way to grab the attention of your audience. For high resolution imagery, the photos need to be at least 2500px wide. If you need images, would you like to use stock imagery on your site or will you require custom photography/videography?
Try to be specific! Are they a particular demographic? What adjectives describe them? Where do they shop?
We will link social and media icons on your website to your existing account for you in addition to creating an instagram feed and also a newsletter block on your new website if you would like. Please list the Social Media platforms that you currently use for your business.
This allows us to better understand your market and competition. We want to steer away from a visual identity that is too similar to theirs. Your brand is unique, let’s stay true to that.
We want to ensure that we are all on the same page throughout this collaborative process.
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